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Creative apps.

Sounds. VSTs.


Get leading creative apps.

Muse Hub simplifies the process of getting some of the world’s most popular creative apps, quickly and securely. Get MuseScore, Audacity and others with just one click. Enjoy incredible and exclusive free content like the amazing Muse Sounds, MuseFX and drag n' drop SFX to enhance your creative projects.

Muse Hub Apps
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Introducing Muse Sounds.

Muse Sounds is a new label of high quality playback instruments for MuseScore 4 and StaffPad

Painstakingly recorded and edited specifically for the custom and revolutionary playback engine that powers these applications, they are capable of rendering incredibly lifelike results which breathe realism and emotion into your compositions. 

The first releases from Muse Sounds cover the symphony orchestra and choral voices. Incredibly, these beautifully crafted instrument packs are available exclusively in Muse Hub completely free.​

Yes. Free.

Muse Hub MuseFX

MuseFX is a free and expanding collection of high quality plug-ins for Audacity, MuseScore 4 and any VST3 compatible host.

From compressors, EQs, de-essers, pitch correctors and choruses to reverbs, mastering plugins and harmonisers... MuseFX brings the tools you need to elevate your mix to a higher level.

Organic Whoosh, wind, breeze, long
Car starts, accelerates away
Rain pours, thunder claps in the distance

Let's talk about SFX.

If you're doing audio work or sound design in Audacity, you're going to need some sound effects.

Muse Hub has you covered. There's over 1000 professionally recorded, royalty-free sound effects that you can use in your projects. Search, organise and drag n' drop straight into your timeline.

Looking for the beta?

Here be dragons! If you're looking for the latest releases and don't mind a few bugs and a bit of dust whilst we test and finesse, then you can get special BETA access versions of the Hub here. 

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